DSIV conducts first cooperation talks in the land of the rising sun

The first talks between DSIV and its Japanese counterpart APPIE took place on 25 and 26 February 2015 in Osaka and Tokyo.

APPIE (Association of Powder Processing Industry and Engineering) was founded in 1971 and has 363 members representing the Japanese bulk and powder industry. It is a quite influential Association, which has been organising the trade fair POWTEX since 1976 in Tokio und Osaka by turns.
For the upcoming POWTEX in October this year in Osaka APPIE has offered DSIV an information stand free of charge.
The DSIV chairman Stefan Penno and Head of APPIE International Relations Department Dr. Yutaka Tsuji have  also set some other interesting issues and activities on the agenda.

In order to bring together even closer two industrial nations on the technical and scientific level, Stefan Penno also met with other APPIE representatives Mr. Kimie Okubo, Dr. Ritsu Dobashi and Dr. Susumu Tsujimoto in Tokio.  "Japan and Germany have more in common than one could think. It is a high level of technology, discipline, quality awareness and drive for innovation that unites both countries. If the German bulk and powder industry allies with the Japanese one, some unrivaled alliances will emerge", says Stefan Penno after his visit in Japan.
Further details to the cooperation and exhibition in Osaka will follow in October.

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