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Bodo Jendrysek (Sales Manager)


A sturdy connection

When someone deals as thoroughly and successfully in technical hoses and fittings as we have been doing for more than 50 years, they are truly well versed in safe and durable connections. This applies to our products, but it applies just as much to our long-term relations with our customers and suppliers.

Walter Gondrom founded the company in Cologne in 1955 and at that stage the trade with technical hoses was already the focal point.

Soon our most important clients consisted of both domestic and foreign trailer manufactures and forwarding companies. Liquid or powdery goods transporters increasingly equipped their vehicles with Gondrom fittings. Gondrom established a subsidiary in the Netherlands to accommodate the intensive customer contacts in the Benelux States. A subsidiary has existed in France in Pacé, close to Rennes since 1999.

Apart from the trailer manufacturing and forwarding industry, we have been able to successfully contact industrial users and establish our products within their field. We have consistently made the customer and his individual requirements the focal point. And what do we have to offer? Efficiency, high and continuously controlled quality, great value for money, flexibility and commitment, including for special requirements.

And today? We are the original supplier for renowned European manufacturers of tankers and silo trailer. Gondrom is one of the leading companies in the market sector – a challenge we are proud to meet on a daily basis. With quality products and willingness to perform.

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