VSR Industrietechnik GmbH
Am Alten Schacht 6
D-47198 Duisburg

Head Office


+49 (0)2066 99 66-30


+49 (0)2066 99 66-62



For over 35 years, the name VSR has been a byword for experience, competence and quality. In Duisburg-Homberg, we produce high-quality components for the bulk goods industry and have been pioneers in this sector since 1975.

On our website, we provide specific information for decision-makers in industrial enterprises, plant manufacturers, engineers, technicians and mechanics. Our aim is to give you the best support we can, when you decide to buy our products. Our customer service staff are available at all times to answer any questions you may have about our products and solutions.

Find more on http://www.vsr-industrietechnik.de

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