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Peter Siebentritt


pelletroneurope GmbH Company Profile
pelletroneurope GmbH was established 2010 as daughter company of Pelletron Corporation, USA, to serve the European and middle east market.

Pelletron’s highly experienced Bulkmatology® team has many years of experience in designing and building systems for dedusting and pneumatic conveying systems
The company developed and patented various new DeDuster® systems, rotary /diverter valves and a new conveying process, trade named pellcon3®. 
The DeDuster® technology has been successfully installed over 3.500 times in more than 50 countries worldwide.
The dedusting process improves product quality, saves production time and reduces scrap. DeDuster® can delivered for capacities from 25 kg/h up to 50 t/h. Higher capacities and different versions are up to request possible.
Pelletroneurope has become a well-established supplier of pneumatic conveying systems and components in the plastics industry. 

All DeDuster® and parts ordered via pelletroneurope are manufactured in Germany/EU according to the EU regulations and guidelines for mechanical and electrical installations.


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