Oswald Metzen GmbH
Dieselstraße 5
54634 Bitburg



+49(0) 6561 9550-0


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Herr Dietrich Wunn



The Oswald Metzen GmbH, located in Bitburg, Minden, Erkelenz, Ludwigshafen and Luxembourg is a full service provider in all phases of plant.

Besides customized installation, maintenance and repair services for production of various industrial sectors, the engineering and the design and implementation of complex systems and industrial plants with industrial steel and electrical engineering of the core business of the company Bitburger belongs.

For more than forty years, Oswald Metzen GmbH convinces with combined expertise in the areas of engineering, electrical engineering, pipeline construction, industrial steel construction, Stahlsiloanlagen, conveyor technology and paper technology. The in-house metalworking and manufacturing allows a high degree of vertical integration for a custom-fit, economically efficient production.

Highly qualified specialists, professional project management and rapid manufacturing / delivery of spare parts provide on-site for reliable inspections and repairs.


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