NORO Gesellschaft für Rohrsysteme mbH
Kruppstraße 1
D-49453 Rehden

Head Office


+49  5446  20636-0


+49  5446  20636-99


NORO Gesellschaft für Rohrsysteme is the specialist company for pipe systems in modular construction. NORO sells stainless steel pipe worldwide (sand-blasted surface) as well as distributors (rotary distributor head, two-way valves, etc.), metal pipe connections and bulk material pipelines or dust removal pipelines respectively (powder-coated or galvanised). The simple modular principle of the pipe systems make sure of fast interchangeability and uncomplicated assembly.
Customised pipes and pipe fittings are produced on request, to support NORO customers in solving problems. So NORO pipe systems can also be flexibly adjusted.

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