FLSmidth Hamburg GmbH  
Haderslebener Strasse 7 
D - 25421 Pinneberg 



+49 (0)4101 - 788-0


+49 (0)4101 - 788-210



Herr Michael Brocks



FLSmidth Hamburg GmbH is dedicated to providing solutions for conveying and storage of bulk material particularly in the fields of cement, fly ash, alumina and minerals.

The MÖLLER® brand has, over the past decades, become an internationally accredited name for engineering and delivery of solutions from components to turn-key plants.

The range includes for example the MÖLLER® TURBUFLOW® Transport-System, MÖLLER® and Fuller-KinyonTM dry screw pumps, MÖLLER® valves, airlifts, airslides, rotary valves, loading systems and KOVAKO® ship unloaders.

FLSmidth Hamburg GmbH belongs to FLSmidth & Co. A/S, who employs close to 13,000 people worldwide.


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