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AGRICHEMA: Originating from Practice - For Practitioners 

Wherever bulk material hoppers and silos are the starting point for automated operations, flow disruptions have a major impact on the plant’s cost-effectivness. On October 1st, 1980, AGRICHEMA was established for the purpose of developing innovative solutions for such kind of problems. Through its three systems SHOCK-BLOWER®, VIBOSTAR® and ROTOSTAR®, AGRICHEMA is now always able to offer a customized solution, geared to commercial aspects, for the optimum variety of hopper and silo discharge disruptions. This is unique within the bulk materials industry. The product range is further completed by other components for shutting off, distributing and metering of bulk materials and for bulk loading. 
In addition to its own know-how and manufacturing, AGRICHEMA benefits from alliances with well proven partners which have many years of experience. AGRICHEMA, a holder of numerous trademarks and patents, is the originator of many inventions, ideas and improvements on components.


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